4 Types of Materials to Pick Your Next Watch Band

When you are looking for the most suitable watch band for yourself, you need to consider some essential factors. Comfort, cost and style are some of these important factors. Although watch bands come in varied styles, few are able to fit into a specific watch case. You need to understand how the band that you choose can connect to your own watch, as well as the strap length that you require. You also need to examine other factors while deciding about the best bands for yourself – such as the budget and the type of materials you would like the band to come in – which can be silk, water snake or leather. Read on to know about 4 main types of materials you can choose your band in.

Synthetic materials

You can find watch bands in synthetic, metal, leather and various other materials. When it comes to synthetic materials, nylon, denim or silk are the ones to choose from. Bands made of textile are water-resistant and are made in a single piece. These come with either a buckle or a hook and loop fastener. Some of the synthetic substance do not last as long as others, but are generally quite flexible and can be used more comfortably. They also come in varied patterns, colors and styles.

Metal materials

These are more durable. Bands made of stainless steel are available in varied forms, including folded and solid watch bands. The former are made of folded metal – in order to make up the band-links – while the latter have their links formed with solid stainless steel. These bands also have varied types of finishes which gel well with watches of dual, gold or black tone. Titanium, gold and aluminum are some other metals used for making bands.

Leather materials

It is another long-lasting material. It is also advantageous to choose due to its versatility, as it can make you appear sporty, casual or dressy. Leather can match about any kind of watch case. Leather can also be made smooth or dyed in varied colors. These can also include varied designs or stitches in contrasting colors.

Exotic materials

Watch bands made of exotic materials, such as the skin of shark, stingray, ostrich, snake, camel or alligator, can make you appear stylish. Such types of skins can be dyed in varied colors, such as green, blue or pink, or even left in their original hue. These can also be created out of sheep, frog or chicken leg-skin.

Each watch band can be separated by its length, which is the distance travelled by the band to go round the wrist and clasp, and its width – the space between a watch case attachment brackets. You can use an adjustable clasp or remove links from the band in order to adjust its length. However, there are even other types of bands which are flexible and do not have to be adjusted. As the width is the most vital way to measure a band than the watch case mounting regions, you need to choose a watch band with proper measurement.