Are Invicta watches good?

Many are time a local retailer may encounter such a question when almost at the brink of making a sale. The answer to this may not be forthcoming however if you are one who is not blessed with the gift of the garb to just wade through the intricate details we have before us.

Just like in any purchase, the most important facts need to be known, the Invicta watch is just your normal watch with all, the technological and user inconsistencies registered with its use.

Some of the points which any buyer needs to put across in his mind are;

The technology in use– the Invicta are known to use the Swiss quartz and other related watch technologies. While that is so, the case of which quartz technology is in use may be the next point of action. There are two technologies here, the quartz movement and the quartz parts. The one usually used by the Invicta is the quartz parts.

The quartz movement is quite superior and so if you are bent on getting something superior you may need to insist on that. However, because Invicta does not usually use the quartz movement though claim to, the watch may not give you some of the desired for timepieces in the market.

It may however be of great relief if you looked at the Invicta watch with the Japanese quartz for movement if you have to get your Invicta watch; these are known to have just the desired quality as the Swiss quartz ones. In comparison, they are known to be only comparable to the high quality watches made in Japan.

Warranty- the warranty that any Invicta watch may have may affect how you enjoy its use. While the design of most of the Invicta watches is in such away that they need to last. The unthinkable is bound to happen and you may need to have your watch fixed. Get a watch with a warranty that covers such eventualities.

Because these watches are hard to fix, the only stop may be only at the Invicta plant but at a fee. This has always proven surprising to most of the watch buyers who didn’t take their time to read what the watch warranty covers. Because of the subsidies, expect not much anyway!

Extra attachments– the promise at the Invicta watch makers has been to give the watch users quality at affordable prices. On this one, the Invicta has never let down its users with many of its watches offering more than the user bargains for.

The glaring case in this one is that the making of both automatic and chronograph, for the choice of the users. Automatic watches from Invicta are attributed to exploit the use of kinetic energy in the course of their use. Though trendy and cost effective, these crop if watches have been dogged with a lot of complaints especially on their running.

However, if you must, look for the automatic watches which have the Swiss ETA, which is the mainstay of the Invicta automatic watch movement. They on their part have been some of the most trusted pieces worth keeping around

Chronograph watches on the other hand have been known to be easy to set and use. They are self winding and only require the user to know how to keep the dials at the zero mark.

That gives the watch model some leeway among the several Invicta watches to choose. By just going through the comprehensive user manual, you are bound to have some commendable reliability.


Just like the old adage that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, there cannot be a straight forward answer as to whether the Invicta watches are reliable or not, it usually depends on the user and the time he has dedicated in trying to know more about his valuable friend from the Invicta.