Are Timex Wrist Watches Any Good?

Why should you go for the Timex watches?

If you are planning to buy an affordable watch then the most common name that would come to your mind is Timex. People mostly prefer Timex watches for its affordability and for its brand name. Now the question is whether it is really worth to go for Timex watches? Well, you may say that along with affordability durability too is there in case of the Timex watches. Thus, it can be reason behind buying the Timex watches. If you have a look at the various online reviews that are there then you would find certain common qualities of the Timex watches, apart from its affordability and durability. Some of those important points are given below:

  • First of all people prefer Timex watches for its customer service. According to them the customer service of the company is really good compared to other companies in the market.
  • Timex is preferred because of its age old brand name. If Timex mention about providing 5 years warranty to the people then they would provide 5 year warranty, and they would stick to their words. That is what brand name provides you with.
  • Among the quartz watches that are there in the market Timex is the best of the lot. It is worth spending money for quartz like Timex because it always comes with things such as perpetual calendars, EZ set alarms, and with the indiglo. Therefore, all these things at an affordable range are something that you would love to have with you.

Therefore, these are the few of the points that most people have said in the online reviews, while speaking in favor of the Timex watches. Apart from these reviews, what evidence do you have to go for the Timex watches? Well, you can do one thing you could have a look at the important features of some of the products that are being sold by the company.

Some important features of certain models of the Timex watches

Timex Unisex T5G841 1440: It is a quite stylish sports and digital watch. The model comes with a dial that has the blend of two colors and that is the white and the pink color. The display of this particular model is considerably large and most importantly it comes with the day and the date function. The body of the model is resin build, which makes it both lightweight and durable. Along with all these features the watch comes with the water resistant feature at the same time. You would get all these at an affordable price of less than even $100.

Timex Unisex T5G841 1440 Sports Digital Silver-Tone/Black Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men’s T5K086: The design of this watch is very simple, and it also comes with a digital dial. The blue and the black of the watch’s face allow you to wear it with any attire. The watch absorbs both sweat and odor, thus is a watch that the athletes would love to wear and is also available at an affordable price of below $100.

Timex Men’s T5K086 1440 Sport Watch with Black Band