Buying A Wristwatch?

There is nothing that adds more to a man’s attire than a fine wristwatch. It will complement every outfit whether it is for sports, business or formal wear. The watch emphasizes the masculinity of the wearer while at the same time providing the perfect timekeeping needed for the busy schedule.

What Are Watch Complications?

At the very least, a watch will provide the hour and minute and maybe the second for the time of day. Many will also provide the current date and day of the week. More expensive watches also include additional functions called complications. One complication is the chronograph which enables the watch to operate as a stopwatch. Another complication is the moonphase which displays the lunar phase. There are other complications such as Tourbillon, perpetual calendar and equation of time.

Are Watches Obsolete?

Yes, there are other sources for keeping time like the smartphone which some think make the watch obsolete but men around the world still prefer their wristwatch. The global market for watches is estimated to be $40 billion. This market includes both old and new watches with men making up a large portion of the buyers.

Are Watches For Status Seekers?

Some analysts who study purchasing habits believe that men’s watches have become like cars in that they represent who you are to other people. Watches inherited from family members especially fathers or grandfathers are esteemed heirlooms. Some men like to buy watches that were worn by other important people sold at auction houses. In 2008 a gold watch owned by Albert Einstein sold for almost $600,000 at a New York auction house. Other famous owners of watches that sold at auction include Mahatma Gandhi and Steve McQueen. Other types of prestige wristwatches are from luxury manufacturers.

These watches suggest that the owner has both status and authority whether it is real or imagined. Some of the best watch manufacturers include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier. These watch manufacturers command a very high price on their watches but for those who can afford them, they see that watch as an engineering masterpiece that makes the owner part of intellectual leaders. The ownership of some exclusive watches has encouraged a comradeship with other owners and they have occasional conferences to discuss the value of owning the particular watch.

Watches Show Success

As times change and men become more mobile in their lives with travel for both business and pleasure, their one collectible that they can always have with them is their watch. It allows them to have a constant reminder of the success in their life.