Harness the light with the Eco-Drive Technology

In today’s world harness solar energy is an important thing. Now, the Citizen Eco-Drive Technology that is there in the market is concerned about that harnessing of the light only. The technology is capable of harnessing both the natural as well as the artificial lights that are there. After harnessing the energy the technology helps in permanently storing the captured energy in a rechargeable solar cell. Thus, if you are having an Eco-Drive watch then you need not worry about the battery of the watch. Why so? Well, because the watch uses any kind of light that is available to recharge and run forever. Now the question is how do you carry on with the process of recharge? It is a question that may come into your mind but this question has an answer. You could have a look at it.

How do you safely charge your Eco-Drive watch?

If you want to charge your eco drive watch then the easy way to do this is to exposing it towards the light for a sufficient amount of time. Well, in order to make the charge happen in a safe manner make sure that your eco drive watch shows the insufficient charge indicator. Now safely charge your watch by exposing the dial of your watch to the light.  Do you know that with this type of watches you could actually use incandescent and halogen lamp as the source of light? You could actually use these lamps to charge your waste. In this case although, you should remember just one thing and that is, you place your watch at least 50 cm away from these sources of light that are there. Why do you go for such things? It would actually help you to save your watch from getting up heated at a very high temperature.

Some more information about the eco drive watches

The eco drive watches are quite enthralling substances. If you are also feeling quite intrigued with these watches then here are some more information for you:

  • Firstly, you should have a look at the directional manual in order to find out if there is insufficient amount of charge in your watch. If you read the manual, you could know when your watch is running out of charge. At times the second-hand jump at 2 seconds interval, to indicate that the watch is running out of charge.
  • The model and the light conditions actually are those variables that help in determining the amount of charge that is being required by the watch. Information related to this could also easily found in the information manual that is there.
  • Remember this kind of eco-drive watch requires minimum amount of energy, which you could have easily through normal exposure of the dial in the light. If you have fully charged your watch and had not exposed it to any form of light then also the clock would run for around 5 to 7 months.