Impressive Invicta watches to make diving more exciting

When it comes to diving deep into the magnificent waters to enjoy some adventure by forgetting all other anxieties of the modern mundane life, an Invicta watch can definitely be the perfect diving partner. Be it scuba diving, free diving or simply going under the waters, these watches can indeed make a marvelous move along the waters. However, there are several factors that come into play while choosing from the wide variety of options of Invicta watches available nowadays. In fact, one has to be armed with adequate knowledge about the different features of Invicta watches.

Key characteristics of Invicta watches to be watched out for

There are several options of Invicta watches available nowadays, namely, Invicta Russian Diver, Invicta Grand Diver, Invicta Sea Hunter and Invicta Pro Diver. It depends on the taste and liking of individuals as to which one to select and go for diving. This will again come with varying prices based on the type of characteristics present as well. At the same time, in order to extract the maximum amount of excitement out of diving into the deep waters, it is wise to go through the variety of features as discussed under:

  • One of the major points that should be taken into consideration while buying Invicta watches is the ability to withstand the water effects. Usually, the water resistance of the watches vary according to the depth of the waters in which one is diving into. The threshold level is 100metres or 330feets. In cases of deep sea diving or scuba diving, the required water resistance can go up to 200metres or 300metres. However, an additional layer of protection that can indeed increase the water increase the water resistance to a maximum level is 1000metres.
  • The basic structure of the Invicta watches is another major determining feature of the Invicta watches. The crown, the pushers as well as the case back are held tightly together with great gaskets in order to make those watertight. The Invicta watches are so designed that no matter how much water touches the watches, these are in no way permitted to get soaked or drained thereby getting damaged. The purchasers must insist for a tough seal that will enable firm screwing of the components too. Hence, the durability of the Invicta watches is very high and these last for long in the same good quality as well.
  • The bezel of the Invicta watches is a ‘unidirectional rotating’ one comprising of 60 seconds and 60 minutes. This can be utilized by the divers as a stopwatch in order to check the time underwater and most importantly, the bezel is clear enough to be readable at one glance under water. It also has an extra luminous feature that makes it a perfect timekeeping and viewing device as well.
  • The Invicta watches are fashionable enough but at the same time, these are also very simple enough to understand owing to the pristine look and feel characteristics. In fact, the timings are absolutely easy to read through the masks as well. This is extremely essential when one is diving under water so that the timing can be tracked and accordingly, the safety issues can be handled.
  • Diving very deep into the sea waters requires the divers to have extra arrangements for light and that is why headlamps or flashlights are taken along while diving. Therefore, here comes another brilliant feature of the Invicta watches and that is the luminance and brightness of the watches. The ‘tritnite-coated hands’ along with the hour markers make the watches glow and can be figured out very well even from a distance of two feet away in deep darkness under water.
  • The Invicta watches are also very effective towards resisting corrosion because of the stainless steel case and bracelets devoid of any metals thereby avoiding corrosion. Usually, grade 316L stainless steel, titanium and ceramics are the main components used in making Invicta watches. Along with these, the straps of the Invicta watches are also strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses under water. These are generally made of rubber, nylon, polyethylene, 316L stainless steel and titanium.

The Invicta watches are amply available in the and the divers can simply look through the various options category wise before choosing upon the correct one.