Invicta Watches Buying Guide

Overview-most of you must have had the opportunity to have a look at the Invicta watches. But because of the diversity both in style and shape, the process of buying one may be an uphill task. The lack of conclusive buyer’s guides in some cases has made purchasing them a hard nut to crack.

It’s not just the selection process, but in spite of most of the shoppers having had the opportunity to interact with the watches, the users remain an ignorant lot. This makes them buy what they don’t deserve. In our buyer guide, we will strive to inform as well as educate you on the best things about invicta watch buying.

The invicta watches are in most cases designed with the middle and upper echelons of the society. With its use of the quartz technology, which is considered to be expensive, most of its users are well to do. However, the company policy has opened the watch use and the watch user base has changed drastically.

Who needs the Invicta Watches?                           

These watches have been used in the market by the following categories of people;

  • Schools where it is used for timing learning.
  • Offices where the schedules and meetings find its rich use.
  • Olympians in the aquatic games.
  • Fashion enthusiasts.
  • Business persons and the well to do ion society as a show of status.
  • The judges during the various races.

Why they are needed

The reasons for the watch demand have been diverse. While some reasons may be easy to comprehend because they are daily life’s occurrences, others are complicated and require lots of concentration. Some of the reasons why invicta watches are needed are because;

  • They help in giving precise judgments during under water races.
  • It helps show positively about ones status.
  • It’s an important status item.
  • Most fashion outlets use it as an accessory to their line of clothing.
  • The Invicta watches with their time and date features have been known for their scheduling prowess.

The Invicta watches have stood the test of time because of their cost, which has been basically aimed at taking the Swiss quartz, a rather expensive watch technology closer to the common man.

What are some types of Invicta watches?

Invicta has succeeded in producing a large number of watches with great success. All of their watches are made with only one aim, to bring the expensive Swiss quartz technology closer to those people who need it. In that regard, the following are some of the few examples of Invicta watches which you can buy;

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  • The Invicta men’s 0070 pro diver collection chronograph watch.
  • The Invicta men’s 0072 pro diver collection chronograph 18k gold-plated watch.
  • The Invicta men’s 6977 pro diver collection chronograph watch.
  • The Invicta men’s 6983 pro diver collection chronograph watch.
  • The Invicta men’s 8926ob pro diver stainless steel automatic watch.

What to look for in the course of buying

With invicta watches, there are several things to look for when buying. Some of the considerations are primary and must be borne in mind to be able to come out with a classy invicta watch. Some of the considerations include;

The ease of use – most of the invicta watch features are meant to enable ease of use. However, there are features like the dial features, the window which h may be worth giving more attention if you are to come out smiling.

Durability – though most of the invicta watchers have been made with stainless steel casing, some going to an extent of having gold coating. It is worth looking closely to ensure that what is described in the pack is what you get in real life.

The price – in all the market excursions, price plays a central role. Buying a watch which falls within your budget may just be an ideal thing. Most of the watches are well priced, but just be sure you can afford it.

Weight – one thing which Invicta is generously known for is its weight. It has been one area which makes most clients also be afraid of the watches. You need to know whether your wrist can sustain the weight of the watch you are planning to buy.

Quality – invicta watches are designed with the requisite quality to be able to serve your needs. However, not all are of the same quality and it requires your keen observation to be able to decipher which one fits your need.

Some have gold coating while others are plain with the stainless steel taking the bigger part. A watch doesn’t have to be too big to fit your needs. This has been proven by even smaller watches which are even better designed and works well.

Taste – the taste of the buyer usually determines what watch he buys.  Invicta has all watches which can suit the taste be it a taste of class or fashion. In addition, the watches are designed with some features which may just fit what you are looking for.

How to buy only the best

The purchase process is usually riddled with a lot of uncertainties. Most of the times, people buy on impulse and later regret on what they received. The following are ways of making sure you buy only the best;

Research – this is a key element if you have an eye for quality. Most research involves reading reviews and buyer guide like you have encountered on our site. Reviews are helpful because they usually provide an appraisal from the former users.

Another method of doing this is through the word of mouth which is usually a powerful tool in marketing. Previous users of the watch may share certain good tips which will definitely help you in the course of buying yours.

Where to buy -always buy only from trusted sources, this is because, when you buy from reliable sources, the likelihood of getting what you didn’t order for are very slim. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the diverse options of returning the watch if it does not fit the bill. In addition, the trusted retailers have high confidence levels in the market.

Check on the warranty – watches with no warranty can be a problem in the making. Choose watches which have some warranty t cushion you when the features are not matching. The mere lack of warranty locks you out in the course of trying to tell the seller that what you have is not what you ordered for.

Always buy online – though the brick stores are known for their ready reach, the online stores offer some of the best deals in terms of discounts. If you have an obsession of saving some money, then this is the ideal spot.

Manufacture period – buying a watch which has taken a long time on the shelf may be courting disaster. In instances where the watch is an automatic, there is likelihood that it may lose some punch as it stays on the shelf.

What are the other considerations?

There are some other additional considerations which one may consider in the course of buying; these are;

The watch use – some instances which may require the purchase of certain specific watch types are out there. Though this is not usually a key point must also be borne in mind. Invicta watches for use in under water sports need to be able to last longer under water while also having enabling visibility features under water.

The material – while this usually borders so much on the quality of the watch. Some of the invicta watches are made with substandard material which may not suit your need. A closer look at the material may be useful.  Gold coated watches may be good for the show of it but could be a security risk if you live in an area with cases of burglary and mugging.

Your discretion – this is usually the key point in the course of purchase. Your inner instincts should always be your key guiding point in selecting what suits your diverse needs. This is the main factor which will avoid you purchasing on impulse.


Like in all purchases, the invicta watch buyer guide like the one we have brought out here is quite fundamental if you are to get a watch which will be suitable. Though this buyer guide has tried to exhaust all the points, some points which may not be here that can help in buying relevant in your area are not here.

Read it, take it in and always ensure you read as many buyer guides which you will definitely find readily on our site, compare and at the end select the watch you desire, that the best you can do.