Men’s Watches – Wearing Them and Things to Look for in Them

When you wear a watch, it all comes down to your personal needs. It does not have to be encrusted with stones or consist of too many dials to provide you with weather details in some area of the globe. It can be tough to select the right watch for your hand, although you can never have your wrist devoid of one. Watches are also known by the name ‘man jewelry’. Irrespective of the technological developments in its function and design, a watch reflects what a man is and not what he wants to be. It is just like a tie, which completes a dress. Similar to other wardrobe accessories, a watch has to match your kind of outfit.

3 Things to Look for In Your Watches

There are quite a few things to look for when you are trying to buy a watch for yourself.

  • Water-Resistance – Watches should be resistant to water. But that does not actually indicate that you should swim or stand under a shower with your watch strapped to your wrist. It is only in specific conditions that water resistance factor holds true.
  • Necessary Factors – There are some complicated technical things associated with a watch. You should look for features that you genuinely need. Stopwatches and annual calendars are actually optional factors which are based on requirements. Do not go for watches with unnecessary features that you will not use, as it will only end up making it pricier.
  • Accuracy – It is also essential to check whether or not the watch that you buy is accurate in timekeeping. Watches made of quartz are battery powered and controlled by quartz crystal oscillations. This makes their timekeeping abilities more accurate as compared to most other watches. It is the movement of pieces within watches that keeps them ticking. At one time, people used to sport mechanical watches which had to be wound each and every morning. These days, modern watches are self-winding and wound themselves automatically.

3 Tips to Wear Your Watch

Here are 3 tips that will help you to wear the right watch.

  • You need to match your leather strap watch with the color of your shoes, whether brown, black or black and brown. You can match casual grey shoes with footwear having leather strap with dark blue color in case your clothes have a hint of blue.
  • If you are wearing sporty or casual dresses, you can team them up with a watch of similar style. You should also consider the face of your watch. Plain white or plain black watches with leather or metal straps can match about any dress.
  • When you are going for formal occasions, do not wear one with lots of technical features. This type of watch can take attention away from the event. Watches with black leather or metal straps are ideal to wear for black tie events and formal occasions.

As a wearer, you should not let your watch define your personality however – as it will make beholders associate you with stereotypical images