Purchasing Wristwatches as Gifts – Types and Tips to Remember While Buying Them

Wristwatches make great gifts to showcase affection and love for recipients. When you get this gift from anyone, it means that he or she holds you as worthy as gold. The wristwatch makes a very valuable present. A stylish and elegant wristwatch makes a terrific present for anyone special in your own life. But you should not rush with the purchase and go for the first watch that looks great on your wrist. You should invest some time into choosing a wristwatch which suits your personality and sense of style. Before planning to purchase a wristwatch, you need to know that you can get different types of these devices in the market, and buy them with care.

4 Main Wristwatch Types

The following are 4 main types of wristwatches to be found in the market:

Analog Wristwatch

These are traditional watches and have to be wound up every day before use. But some new variations come with batteries. This was the first ever wristwatch to hit the market, and come with hands of second, minute and hour fitted in them. These stand as a symbol of luxury and style, and can last long when properly maintained.

Kinetic Wristwatch

This is a variation of an analog wristwatch, which depends on the movement of wearers. It draws power from the normal movement of the wrists all through the day.

Quartz Wristwatch

It is another sub-form of analog wristwatch, and was produced first in 1969. It comes with a piezoelectric quartz crystal, which helps solve the issues faced by analog watches. The crystal also makes time keeping more effectual.

Digital wristwatch

Watches of this type stand on the opposite end of analog watches, and need no winding. They are equipped with a flat digital screen, which shows time in numeral format. It came out first in the ‘70s. Long lasting and lightweight, it is generally available with additional features such as GPS, compass and altimeter.

Buying Wristwatches – Tips to Remember

While purchasing a wristwatch for a present, you need to keep the following tips in mind.


Wristwatches tend to vary according to the gender, and men should not buy women’s and vice-versa.


The choice of a wristwatch should also depend on the type of the recipient’s lifestyle. For instance, if someone spends most of his time in an office setting, buying a sports-watch is not a good idea.


Watches of silver and black color tend to be the most popular and commonly chosen ones. These can suit almost any occasion and dress. But you can also choose any other type of color if it matches your recipient’s personality.

Features & Styles

Wristwatches also come in numerous features and styles in the market. You may select dress watches, sports watches or even casual watches. Some of these devices, along with general features, can be availed with time zones, compasses, barometers, heart-rate monitors and alarms.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you to ensure that your choice of gift for the recipient is the best one.