Simple Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Buying a Watch

When it comes to buying the most appropriate watch, even people who are best dressed can end up being confused. Similar to the statement “Clothes make the man”, a watch makes a unique as also a complex style statement. Naturally, it is important to consider quite a few things before you are going out to purchase a watch for your own needs.


First of all, you need to ask yourself what will be the occasion or situation when you will wear it. You should also consider what you will use the watch for, whether for playing, going to the office or some other place. Your budget and your feelings about technologically advanced gadgets are two other things that you have to consider.

Type of band

Analog watches generally come with metal or leather straps. Sporty or digital ones come with bands made of plastic.


You should also check whether the watch fits properly, no matter which one and which brand you are going for. It needs to fit comfortably on your wrist. While moving about, it should not go back and forth. Straps of your watch should not leave any marks or imprints on your wrist.


The watch that you choose should also match the type of dress that you wear. For daytime, gold watches are ideal to wear. These can be matched with earth, beige and brown colors. For night time, metal and silver watches tend to be better as these can correspond with dark colored outfits quite well. These can be teamed up well with gray, black and blue dresses. Sporty or digital watches work best with informal outfits and cannot be matched with formal dresses.


Although you can easily buy any watch with a good style, keep in mind that some brands fetch high prices.

Type of watch

You can find analog watches, digital watches and even watches that are a blend of both. There are mechanical watches which are wound manually, battery powered ones and even quart watches.

Watch case

Watch case refers to the watch frame, and it can be of square, polygonal, round, rectangular or any other shape. It is generally made of gold, steel, silver, titanium and platinum – which happened to be the most commonly-used metals. Platinum, gold and silver are the priciest metals although manufacturers generally mix the metal with less costly alloys in order to make them more economical in price.

Watch Crystal

It is the transparent cover which acts as a protective covering for the watch face or the dial. Synthetic sapphire, Plexiglas and mineral glass are the commonest materials that are used. Of these, Plexiglas happens to be lowest in cost. It easily develops scratches although it is least probable to shatter or break. Although standard glass or mineral glass does not easily scratch, they are likelier to break. Synthetic sapphire, which is a clear, hard artificial crystal, happens to be the most scratch-resistant material with the highest price tag – although it can break easily.