The Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch review

Invicta Men's 0070 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch
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Review Summary:

This watch is perfect for those who need a watch which show off its overated features for the public to see. The huge profile the manufacturer has may just be the best magnet for you to purchase it. Give it a try.

Overviewa good watch on a man’s wrist is an indication of class and status. ‘Choosing a watch which suits your standing in the society is as important as choosing a good wife’.  That was the sentiment of the local county executive when I asked him about the watch he was adorning, at the recent gala held at the county hall.

I fell in love with the watch at the first sight; it was a classy watch with features that show the level of a man in society. I had very scanty knowledge about it and so more inquiries were in order, little did I know that the watch in question was an Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch.

Digging deeper is my thing; my discovery amazed me that the Invicta are some of the key manufacturers of some of the best unisex as well as exclusive men’s watches. Their specialty in the watch area has made them one among the many fashion statements which the fashion lovers would rather associate with.


The watch has some of the following functions;

  • It is used for efficient and precise show of the time of the day.
  • The watch shows the date through its date window.
  • It’s an effective tool in scuba diving events given its water resistant features.
  • It’s suitable for office use, especially where class is to be on display.


Pearls are some of the most revered gemstones and that is what the watch has, a pearly look! The classy look of the watch would be an understatement if a full description of the watch is not accounted for. Some of the features of the watch may include;

  • An analog display feature with a Swiss quartz movement capability.
  • It has a fusion crystal dial window.
  • The protective film is meant to enable the watch be water resistant as well as stay longer.
  • It has several dial features which include the sub dials which are at the points of two six and ten o’clock respectively, the unidirectional bezel which has minute markers and the luminous dials for showing the hour efficiently.
  • The watch is fabulously large for those who love to show off and light weight which perfectly fits the wrist size.
  • The magnified date tab is meant to help the user have a complete control of the day’s activity.
  • With its masculine feature, the watch is definitely a suitable match for the masculine egoists in the society.
  • Its design can be said to be sophisticated with the Invicta pro driver function serving as the main point of departure.
  • Its strong and durable look can be seen from far, even by the novices in its use. It’s the stainless steel case and wrist band which makes it have a good grip on the wrist. However, for others, you are likely to see the feux leather band, a clear taste statement.

Who needs it most?

This watch is ideal for use by almost everyone whose taste is above the normal plain ones. However, the class distinction and the areas where it is used include;

  • Sports-it’s an ideal gadget for use by scuba divers’ who need to time themselves when under the water.
  • Office– most company executive find this watch as an ideal partner for keeping abreast with all the day’s activities.

Why is it important?

With all the features which give it wide use spanning the office to the area of sports, the importance of this watch can be summed up as;

  • It is important in the precision timing and showing dates which is definitely the main treason for watch use.
  • Because of its waterproofed nature, it is important for use in underwater excursions.
  • The watch has been an important element in fashion.
  • The beauty of the watch is important for those who into this thing about class.


  • Strong and durable build.
  • The watch is reasonably priced.
  • Its design is stylish and adds the aesthetic value to the watch.
  • It’s efficient in giving the user both time and date readings with clearly marked minute and hour sections.
  • Its pocket friendly.


  • It’s huge and may not be quite ideal if your wrist is small.
  • The watch is prone to breakages due to falls because of its weight.
  • Some of its features appear poor quality and may not serve if you just want it for showing off.
  • May not be as water proof as claimed.

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User verdict/ benefits

Buying this watch is likely to bring the following benefits to the user;

  • Style and aesthetic touch – you will agree with me that the watch looks good on the wrist and may draw attention to you if used in public.
  • Durability – with its stainless steel cover and the several design oriented features, the watch can last for long if well used.
  • Cost effectiveness – for its price and the lucrative warranty provided by the manufacture, the Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch is like for free.

Review and recommendations

This watch is perfect for those who need a watch which show off its overated features for the public to see. The huge profile the manufacturer has may just be the best magnet for you to purchase it.

Buying it in Toto is a good idea for office and domestic use. For diving, you need to have a second thought and look for another watch; it may not be as effective as claimed.

For those who are not careful enough, buying it may put you in a bad situation and expose you to a lot of pain looking for repairs which may not be readily forthcoming from the manufacturer and the other retailers. Give it a try.

General assessment


  • The watch is high quality with its pearly look making its rating to soar.
  • It’s made with the strength t match.
  • The quality statement can be seen to arise from the manufacturer confidence.


  • Classy pearly design with stainless steel on the cove and the wand. The feux leather futures sometimes on the wrist band making its style to be even more pronounced.


Looks may sometimes be quite deceiving, that is what I came to conclude when I dug into the watch features and ended up buying another watch though from the same brand. This is your usual watch which is worth the hassle.