The Invicta Men’s 0072 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch review

Invicta Men's 0072 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated Watch
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Review Summary:

For the sake of those who are looking for heavier watches, the answer is right here. No need to look elsewhere with the shiny good look which will surely make heads turning your direction. It’s a watch worth buying because if its durability and unique style.

Overview– however much people may want to dispute, the Swiss quart will still continue to hold the watch technology market with an iron fist. This is not because they are the most expensive but simply because of the quality it presents to the watch user. That is the secret the Invicta watches have taken advantage of.

Invicta is a known household name when quality watches are mentioned. It’s the client touch they have always adopted that has most likely made them the market leaders, or may be it is the ever omnipresent nature of their products. On that, I can’t tell you.

What I have information of is that the level of dedication and research adopted by the company in the area of watch making have made them to even go to great lengths at getting only the best human resources, with exemplary training and dedication. Above all these, the mere zeal you will notice at the company is enough to give you a glimpse.

This division alone has been thought to be the strength of Invicta. But it’s not all; their use of the Swiss quartz technology both for parts and movement is just out of this world. However expensive the technology is, their attitude has been that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Over the years, they have stuck to this philosophy which has borne fruits.

It’s not a surprise then that the company has managed to flood the watch consumer market with its high quality, yet affordable watches. This has made all the watch wearers running helter for the exemplary watches, my friends and I included.


Some of the key areas where the watch is majorly used include;

  • Showing date and time in all the denominations beginning from minutes.
  • It’s used in sports like swimming for racing time showing.
  • It’s used as a fashion statement object with the gold coating adding the much needed luster.


Save for the unique styling, the watch has diverse areas which make it uniquely itself. Some of which include;

  • It features a foldable clasp which is known to enhance its safety should it fall.
  • The stainless steel casing is strong enough to assure the user of maximum user time. In addition, the 18 karat gold adds more luster and value to it.
  • It has a flame fusion dial window which makes it easy to use.
  • It has a unique chronograph sub dial style with unidirectional bezel which has the markings for minutes, second and even day.
  • The watch is water resistant at levels under water which makes its use in water sports quite desirable.
  • It has bold buttons for more aesthetic touch to the watch overall features.
  • The date window is magnified for increased visibility.
  • Its technology is based on the Swiss movement which is much superior.
  • It weighs 1.1 pounds which is considered reasonable by most of its users.

Who needs it most?

The need for this watch is by everyone who has the time to care for what they spend and where it is spent. The considerations on quality against price were thrown through the window giving the watch access to almost all spheres of the market. Some areas where it is needed include;

  • Racing sports participants and judges including swimming where timing is necessary.
  • In offices where time for meetings and assignment s need scheduling.
  • In the homes where events are to be planned.
  • By event planners to keep tabs of the daily happenings.
  • In schools where lesson periods and lecturers are to be carefully timed.

Why is it important?

The importance of the watch can be summed up by one of the comments I saw on one of the forums, ‘you can’t get a dressier watch than this.’ In essence, this watch is important as;

  • An object for showing precision timing and scheduling, which puts the user at the top of everything he does.
  • A fashion statement tool which helps improve one’s stature.
  • An important valuable collection, in case one has an obsession with beauty collections, this will be worth putting next to your bed.
  • A show of class and status in the society.


  • Its pocket friendly in spite of the quality.
  • Durable in terms of longevity with few cases reported of faults.
  • Good value for money with its 18 karat gold increasing its overall value.
  • It brings an esthetic touch to the users surrounding and dressing. In addition, it’s the perfect chronograph styling with quartz technology capping it all.
  • It’s easy to use with several magnified features for visibility.
  • Available, the Invicta has always stamped their authority in the market with heavy presence of their unique products.
  • High quality based on the manufacturers resolve to ensure that the clients only have the best.


Some of the flaws which the watch may have include;

  • It may be a bit heavier than expected.
  • The quartz technology at times may not be for movement but parts making it weaker, depending on the area of manufacture.

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User verdict/ benefits

Convenience- the ease at which the watches features are out makes it a perfect convenient object for your use. Within the areas of time covered holistically, you are not bound to miss any scheduled appointments.

Cost effectiveness– for most of the clients, the considerations of cost with very lucrative discounts sets the Invicta above the rest.

Stylish– talk of style and this is its bedrock. The watch will make tongues wagging all day while some people are likely to have neck cramps because of just trying to catch a glimpse of it.

Review and recommendations

For the sake of those who are looking for heavier watches, the answer is right here. No need to look elsewhere with the shiny good look which will surely make heads turning your direction. It’s a watch worth buying because if its durability and unique style.

For others, it’s however likely to inconvenience you if your wrists are not strong enough to hold weights. Looking elsewhere especially among the numerous Invicta watches may be advised because you may not get a watch this better. Or better still; go for other brands which exploit the quartz technology for movements, you may be lucky to get a better deal.

General assessment


  • High quality watch with 18 karat gold to crown it all.
  • Swiss quarts parts technology, a very advanced watch making technology.


  • It features a stylish chronograph style with gold and stainless steel capping its look. For this, the watch can help you win a fashion show.


For the love of style and money’s worth of objects, the Invicta men’s 0072 pro driver collection is what will sooth your big appetite. The simpletons do not need to go for this, look for watches of your league.  If you are a perfectionist, this again is worth your taking.