The Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch review

Invicta Men's 6977 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch
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Review Summary:

This is a watch worth your time and money.

Overview-if the style were to be fussed with functionality effectively, the results have been found to be awesome. That is what has been exploited by the Invicta watch manufacture in coming up with this top of the class wrist watch for men.

The Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch has all the features to catch the attention of anyone who has had the opportunity of just coming into contact with it. The sweet after taste it will leave you with will be enough temptation for you to literally go for it.

This does not construe that it is the physical features which the watch is strong at, the functional parts which is the mayor fact here will be the definite point of convergence. Looking at how the watch works, one will be able to appreciate the manufacturer’s sense of touch with the watch users.

If not directly, the indirect concessions given by the Invicta watch manufacturers have literally put it at a pedestal among its users and non users alike. In fact, for the nemesis of the watch manufacturer, they acknowledge, the sense of style at which the company has exploited the use of the quartz technology.

A Swiss quart is a special technology which has been predominantly used in making watches in Switzerland, the bedrock of opulence. The Invicta knows that though the money may not be adequate to purchase the quality at the Swiss levels, using the technology to make cheaper watches was a possibility.

Appreciating this fact, most of the Invicta watches are better judged at use. That is what will be appreciated when we decided to give you a glimpse of what we feel about the Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch.


The watch is used in the following areas;

  • It’s used in competitive racing sports which cover the water spots as well. However, diving may not be suitable given the levels at which it can withstand water.
  • It’s generally used for showing timer in the diverse setups where the watch is in use.
  • Additionally, it’s a perfect tool for those with scheduled appointments because it will perfectly work on this.
  • In fashion set ups where the watch is an additional accessory where designers are to show off their wares.


Looking at the watch, you are likely to note the following features;

  • With an analogue display, it features a mineral Chrystal window which has the capacity to protect the internal parts from damage.
  • Chronograph sub dials which are well marked in the minutes, seconds, and even hours.
  • The watch also features a luminous look which adds more taste to it.
  • Its unidirectional bezel has the ability to give you the precise show of whichever function you need including the date readings.
  • The water resistance at manageable levels is what makes the watch a perfect candidate for use in snorkeling, which has grown to be an Olympic sport.
  • The technology used is simply the Swiss quartz movement, which is superior to the other watches.
  • Its black sunray dials with silver tone hands and markers are enhanced for better visibility.
  • The buckle clasp wrist makes it secured on the wrist.
  • It weighs 8.80 ounces which is reasonably lighter.

Who needs it most?

I would say without any fear that this watch may suit all spheres. However, the most specific areas include;

  • Olympic sports amperes and participants who need it for precision timing in games of snorkeling and swimming.
  • All manner of office setups where meeting scheduling has to be done and followed to the later.
  • In classroom setups where learning is timed.
  • The man on the street needs it for time follow ups.

Why is it important?

Appreciating the importance of this watch is only possible when you have used it. Some areas where it has proven its importance have been in;

  • Provision of up to date timelines and dates to the scheduled assignments this helping the user keep tabs with his corporate.
  • The watch has greatly helped in solving the mysteries as to the winners in the diverse water sports where it is greatly in use.
  • It’s good for adding an allure around the one adorning it in fashion, an additional advantage to say the least.


  • It is high quality and is bound to last as long as the user may desires.
  • It is cost effective based on the manufacturer policy.
  • The watch is simple and easy to use.
  • The stylish nature of the watch adds an aesthetic touch to the watch.


  • It may be prone to being easily damaged if used in labor intensive work situations.
  • The watch could be just a bit heavier than desired.
  • Some of the watch inscriptions are also easily falling off.

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User verdict/ benefits

Using this watch is likely to benefit the user in the following ways;

Durability– this is one watch you can literally knock and come of scratch free due to its build.

Pocket friendliness– for its quality, the watch retail price on most of the retailers is quite amazing. Compared to some of its competitors, I can bet its money’s worth.

Beauty– the aesthetic touch which comes with its black complexion makes the watch to stand out on your wrist. Its use in fashion has made it one of the most complemented watches in the market.

Review and recommendations

Looking at the several customer reviews on this watch, you will realize that one thing is common, high approval rating. At over 75% of users agreeing to the watches’ efficiency, I can t dispute. This is a watch worth your time and money.

In some few cases where the users have experienced problems, the sellers are in a position to sort out these because some arise from the packaging faults. But the satisfaction of each individual is hard and opting out is not bad, but know what you are looking for before moving away, you could be throwing just the best.

General assessment

The watch can be summed up in the following manner;


  • High quality quartz parts technology which is exemplarily superb.


  • Stylish chronograph design with black Chrystal touch.


The mere quote of price may be in some cases a manifestation of what to expect. This watch is a manifestation of great quality with the users saying that in no uncertain terms.  The functions of this watch are above board and may just be what you were looking for in this review.

It is however not necessarily a fact that those quality things have to be expensive and that is what the Invicta Men’s 6977 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch manufacturer has pushed under the carpet. You can dash for yours.