The Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Collection Watch review

Invicta Men's 6981 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch
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Overview-style and technology when mixed together, the possibility which is usually there is just perfection, and that is what Invicta watch manufacturers have just managed with a brush of a finger. For the perfectionists, the Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Collection Watch remains at the topmost among the watches to look for.

Achieving the perfection is not usually an easy thing when you have several other things needing your attentions. This way, the company has always been found to be having a healthy staff engagement program which then makes them have their whole focus on the research function.

It has yielded very positive results with the company occupying the top spot. I usually tell people that the success of Invicta, which took its competitors by surprise has not been easy coming, they worked for it.

The history of the watch maker is riddled with a lot of innuendos and failure. However, when the breakthrough came, it came to last with several watches currently gracing the market, thanks to their consistency.

Another area which has made them be quit visible is their sales department which is known to have developed very good policies which allow them to achieve the most number of sakes. In addition, the overall features of the watches are enough to sell. The Invicta Men’s 6981 is not an exception.

Functions of the watch

The following are some of the functions of this watch;

  • It is mainly used in timing situations in the daily life situations which may include comparisons, scheduling and analysis.
  • The watch is important in the area of fashion where its unique features are usually prominently displayed.
  • It is also important in the Olympic Games when judgments for events like swimming and snorkeling are to be made.
  • It’s important for use in the daily life situations for setting personal appointments by individuals and even managers.


Looking at this watch, you are likely to notice the following features;

  • It has a protective mineral crystal dial window which makes it overly safe.
  • Its high tech features have been bolstered by its polyurethane material and the use of the Swiss quartz movement which is known for high quality in the market.
  • The chronographic luminous design of the watch makes it convenient for use.
  • The watch is water resistant at levels of up to 100 meters below the water, a good depth for use in water sports.
  • The design of the watch includes black a sleek looking with golden touch to cap it all.
  • It has a unidirectional bezel with the ability to move in either direction.
  • The sub dials are marked with the several features of time, second and minute showing.
  • The display feature of the watch is basically analog.
  • The watch features buckle clasps for better grasps of the wrists.
  • The watch weighs 1.1 pounds, which is rather manageable.

Who needs it most?

All the areas where the use of a watch may be important are where this watch will definitely fit. Identifying all of them may not be easy but some of them are;

  • Office managers need this kind of watch to schedule the ever busy schedule and for the elevation of their status.
  • Business men have the watch for a show of the status in the society.
  • The watch is an important element in the Olympic Games for efficiency in judgments.
  • Participants in events like snorkeling need this watch to time them when under water.
  • Students are in need of the watch for efficient follow up of the lessons and lectures.
  • Commoners who may just need to keep track of time need the watch.
  • Fashion event organizers need it for its sense of style.

Why is it important?

The watch is important in the above situations because;

  • It enhances efficiency not only in helping with religiously following time but also in change of events.
  • It promotes fairness especially in sports where cheating cases may not b e heard of.
  • It improves ones self esteem which is an integral part of success projection.
  • It improves a net worth of the adornments with which it is used in fashion.


  • It is beautiful and attractive to the eye.
  • The watch is user friendly especially with its analog and the magnification of some features for clarity.
  • The watch is pocket friendly based on the selling price it is on offer at in most outlets.
  • The quality of the watch can be gauged by the use of technology in its make.


  • It may be quite big for those who do not have the largeness of wrists.
  • It may in some cases not last as long as anticipated.
  • There are several instances of counterfeits being sold to unsuspecting users because it’s easy to copy.

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User verdict/ benefits

The following are some of the benefits of this watch;

Longevity– because if it’s unique build, the watch has been attributed to be able to last for as long as the user may desire to.

Efficiency- with nits enhanced display and the unidirectional bezel, with clear concise markers of time, there is no likelihood you are going to miss any scheduled appointment.

It’s cost effective– when put comparatively, the cost of the Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver Collection Watch is just within your pocket levels.

Review and recommendations

This is one watch which may suit your needs if you are one individual who loves style this is what you need.  The watch is an epitome i9f beauty. In addition to these, its ergonomic build has the ability of having its use go for longer.

There are competitors who make other better watches using the real Swiss technology which may need your time, if you have the obsession with the technology used on your watch. You can buy alternative watches, however, this watch is worth you money and time.

General assessment

The watch has the following g additional characteristics;


  • Stylish high quality watch with magnified display features. The black and golden appearance enhances the watches overall stature.


  • The watch is a rounded with chronograph design.


You can have something to boast of if you have gotten this watch. The look may not be that bad if you compare to the other watches of its range. The mere presence of counterfeits may however send some chill down your spine, never worry, just buy from one of the trusted dealer’s in this sector.