The Invicta Men’s 6983 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch review

Invicta Men's 6983 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Blue Dial Black Polyurethane Watch
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Review Summary:

In spite of the few misgivings which one user may experience to the other, the watch in itself is great. It works just according to the description which makes it a perfect buy. However, there are some other watches which use the Swiss quartz movement technology, which is more superior.

Overview-looking for a perfect fitting watch and you could have been searching for one, and then maybe you will not have to look further. I was once in your shoes when I got promoted at work and I needed something for a change of my wardrobe.

Most of the watches I encountered did not meet the desired standards I was searching for. This went on for some time until I came across an online review on the Invicta Men’s 6983 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch. I was impressed from the onset and I literally went in to dig for more information.

It’s hard getting information about the watches especially the quality of the Invicta. The company whose diverse range of watchers have held the market for the past years has literally succeeded in this because if their belief in research. By using the Swiss quartz, which is hard to come by, the quality of the watches is impeccable.

You are lucky to be here because the impeccability of the design, quality will however be hard to feel when you have never heard or seen the watch. This review is meant to just enlighten you on the diverse functional advantages that I experienced with this watch.


Its generally used for the following tasks on a daily basis;

  • Showing the time in terms of seconds, minutes and even hours.
  • It shows the date.
  • It’s used for timing oneself in races, especially in areas like swimming and snorkeling.


Some of the unique features which you are likely to notice with this watch include;

  • Its black polyurethane strap which is stylish for those who love themselves. The straps are additionally enabled with the gold tone rubber bans which add the security especially when buckled on the wrist.
  • A polished 18 karat gold durable crystal plated stainless steel case which makes it of class and of high quality.
  • Its gold tone dials comprise of the second and minute markets. In addition to this, the unidirectional bezel helps with the watch functions. The sub dials on the watch are additionally enabled with full; chronographic functionality for efficiency.
  • The blue sunray color on the dials makes them easy to see.
  • It’s made using the Swiss quartz technology which is rare in most of the watches.
  • Arabic embossed numerical on the bezel with an ease of sighting.
  • It is water resistant at below the water level which maker it used in most of the underwater racing sports.

Who needs it most?

The areas where the watch is in use include the following;

  • Under water sports racing where it is chiefly used for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Offices where office executives use this classy golden crowned watch as a show of status.
  • In institutions of learning by the teachers and lecturers to time themselves and carry out learning procedures as well.
  • In fashion points where the mere sight has been used as a fashion statement.

Why is it important?

The importance of the watch can be equated with the Swiss technology which it encompasses; it’s a long protracted process whose appreciation takes years. The most visible areas where the watch is important are in;

  • Precision racing sports arena where the watch gives the participants the time taken for a given task.
  • With the stylish and classic look, it’s an important fashion object which shows value and class.


  • It’s strong and classy with high quality features.
  • It is fairly priced despite the quality.
  • The watch is simple with an aesthetic look to show.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
The watch looks durable, secure and is made with the strapping to enhance that.


  • The watch is overly large for those who have small wrists.
  • It is only guaranteed for the Swiss parts movement which is not well protected according to the Swiss production regulations.
  • May be quite pricy compared to other watches of its class.
  • The quality may not be as described because of the above reason and so prone to breaking down.

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User verdict/ benefits

Some of the benefits seen with the use of this watch include;

Beauty– for those who need beauty on their wrists, this watch is the perfect aura. The golden coating will definitely give the user an advantage in fashion. In addition, it’s here you will have a blue sunray dial, which looks enchanting to the eyes.

User friendliness– saver for the huge design, this watch has all the enabling features a watch may need all at the convenience of the user.

Cost efficiency- there is nowhere you will encounter an 18 karat golden item at the price this watch is sold. In addition, the watch may last longer if well used making you save on purchase cost.

Multiple user functions– for those who are looking for an effective watch for use in multiple occasions both over and under water, the watch fits the bill. Though it may not work well for divers, its use in swimming and other water racing is superb.

Review and recommendations

In spite of the few misgivings which one user may experience to the other, the watch in itself is great. It works just according to the description which makes it a perfect buy. However, there are some other watches which use the Swiss quartz movement technology, which is more superior.

Looking around therefore will not be a bad idea after all though the quality and the function of the watch will take you over the moon.  You only need to research on the various watches in the market and select the one which suits you.

General assessment

The watch may be rated in the following ways;


  • High quality with a touch of class.
  • Durability with the 18 karat gold.


  • The Invicta has always used the best and classy crafting method of making its watches. Its design is based on the Swiss quartz which basically caters for the parts assembled on the watch and not the movements.


When talking of a golden goose in the form of a watch, one might think that that is not possible. Having the watch alone is a clear monetary statement. However, this may in some cases put your life at risk and so the purchase needs to be carefully gauged. The purchase may also help give the buyer just that classy taste you could have been looking for from the Invicta watch manufacturers.