The Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch review

Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet
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Review Summary:

It is clear that this watch is worth giving your time though there are other watches in the market which may be claiming to have almost the same qualities, though at higher prices. If you have the money, no problem go for those other watches, I recommend it.

Overview– there is a category of good watches in the market and then we have the best watches. These two categories are usually earned rightfully by placing yourself strategically, my friend usually told me, ‘strategy is everything in business,’ and true to that belief is the Invicta group, a key dealer in men’s wrist watch makers.

One of their watches, which have earned itself a spot among the best, is the Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch. Maybe others will have another opinion but in reality, the watch has definitely fought for it key spot among the best in the market.

Because of its presence in the market, maintaining diversity has been one key area which the company has always tried to ensure its products have. The diverse products usually present a big challenge to most companies with a risk of duplication; the Invicta has done the opposite.

Looking at the watch and the several others which the watch maker has churned out into the market, we will appreciate the manner in which each of the Invicta watches always come with something fresh. From the point of the user, this may help enlighten you.

The Invicta watches remain the best primarily because of the technology it has always thrived on.  However, looking at the Invicta Men’s 8926OB, you will fall in love with the unique functionalities it present readily for its users.

This reason has made most of the users to ne glued to this product whenever they get the first chance to use any of its products. I must admit, the bug bit me and I’m among those users.


Like all the other watches in the market, there are areas which make watches tick. However, the Invicta Men’s 8926OB has the following functions;

  • Time showing with minute and seconds included.
  • Date notifications and displays.
  • Aesthetic purposes where the watch can be for show offs.
  • Judgment purposes in the areas where the watch helps in tight decisions in races.

Characteristics and appearances

The watch has the following functional characteristics which make it work;

  • Water resistance with the ability to go for up to 660 feet below.
  • It has a bracelet which is made from stainless steel for durability.
  • Its clasps are made in a fold over fashion for ease of closing and safety.
  • The watch body is made of a thick stainless steel which gives it a sense4 of strength and longevity.
  • The watch comprise a mineral dial window for ease of visibility.
  • It takes advantage of the Japanese quartz technology with an automatic touch to cap it.
  • The watches display is in the analog which makes it the most simple in the market.
  • It features a unidirectional bezel with luminous hand markings of hour, minute, seconds and date.
  • The watch takes a rounded design with a flouted crown and a black face to cap it all.
  • The automatic watch takes the influence of the kinetic energy generated when one moves the hand to operate.
  • It weighs 14.9 ounces.

Who needs it most?

This is a watch for everyone’s use. The following are some of the people who may find this watch useful;

  • Company secretaries and executives who wish to keep a tight schedule of their programs.
  • Educational intuition lecturers and students who may need to follow up on the teaching progresses.
  • Private Citizens who may love the stylish touch to life brought by the watch.
  • Successful business men and politicians who may need to show off their wealth.

Why is it important?

The watch has been found to be quite important in certain areas which its use has really helped. Some of which include;

  • It projects a person’s taste of fashion, which is an important element for those who have this taste to the good things of life.
  • It’s a self esteem booster with its presence projecting a feeling of power.
  • It’s helped in giving precise time records thus keeping tabs with all events as scheduled.


  • The watch is user friendly.
  • Its aesthetic touch added with the design adds the overall value of life to the user.
  • Its pocket friendly with the Invicta policy playing an integral part.
  • It’s durable in terms of the use of the stainless steel.
  • Unlike most of the Invicta watches, its size is reasonable.


  • The automatic nature of the watch may be its main undoing with probability of going off when not being worn.
  • The time maintenance is fuzzy with probability of changing at an instant quite common.

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User verdict/ benefits

Some of the benefits one is likely to accrue from using it are;

Durability– the watch is made with a stainless steel material with several other features which point to its ability to be used for long.

Cost efficiency– the policies of the manufacturer can guarantee one to have value for money when this is in use.

User friendliness– the watch is among the lightest of the brand so usable, no matter the wrist size.

Review and recommendations

At its cost, buying this watch has all the assurance that even if it gets spoilt after using it, no regrets. However, the steel casing is enough safeguard against that. Most people have had the chance of using it for long provided the read the user manual.

It is clear that this watch is worth giving your time though there are other watches in the market which may be claiming to have almost the same qualities, though at higher prices. If you have the money, no problem go for those other watches, I recommend it.

General assessment

On the account of the below areas, the analysis I came up with may be summed up as;


  • The watch is a perfect Invicta with stylish, highly durable and technology based features. The overall display features are good for any user to exploit.


  • With a rounded design, the watch has magnified features on its bezel with the black nice look capping its unique sense.


Cheap is considered to be expensive in most business quarters. The sight of the price should not be the driving force for making a purchase. However, ensure that what you buy falls within your budget. Look carefully at the special features before placing your order.

The above statement is not a negation of the usefulness of the Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch; it is just a cautionary advice which may help in making an informed purchase.