The Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch review

Invicta Men's 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch
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Review Summary:

This is the ideal watch for the individuals who are in love with a professionally oriented watch. It will serve all your need concerning the timing of your schedules.

Overview-talking of watches, the Invicta watch makers has it all. With a range of watches that can be used in all spheres of life, you are not bound to miss your appointments or event if you have one around.

The latest crop of the brand watch is the Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch. I love it with all my soul because of the professional nature of this watch which suits my area. Made for use all and sundry who may care for its use, the watch is a sight to behold.

The uniqueness of the watch and the trusted nature of its use are attributed to the fact that this watch is made by one of the most trusted names in the market. Though the competition has always proven to be quite stiff, the company has brushed off their onslaught.

How it has done this with high level of success is what has always left most people dumbfounded, especially those who wish it failure. The secret is simple, a stable management and good human resources which focus on quality research.

Watches are complex items with complicated parts, especially those using the quartz technology, which the Invicta has primarily specialized on. The Invicta has taken this all with a grace never seen in most successful companies, with even an open minded approach to improve on the faults from their previous creations.

It is therefore not surprising that it has amassed for itself a wide collection of watches aiming at satisfying the low economic incomes while ensuring that the notion of costly quality products is all in the past. That is why it has ensured that all the watches are nice looking and in sync with the needs of its wide clientele.


The watch is used in the following unique areas in life;

  • Showing time when one needs to schedule or just follow up most of the schedules.
  • Timing boardroom meetings in most corporate bodies.
  • Just a sign of opulence, with its nice looking touch forming the bulk of this.


Some of the features of the watch include the following;

  • The watch has Chrystal flame fusion with magnified components for ease of visibility.
  • The unidirectional bezel with its luminous features makes its time showing easy, especially depending on the prodding of the user.
  • In addition, its hand markers make the watch quite easy to use.
  • It comprises a precision based quartz timepiece which is designed specifically for men.
  • Its casing is a highly polished stainless steel with the ability to give the watch the strength it requires.
  • It features safe clasping buckles with safety in mind.
  • It has an anti reflective mineral Chrystal display which gives the features for date.
  • The watch is water resistant with the ability to be used at 200 meters below the water.

Who needs it most?

Though it may be hard to specifically pinpoint, the watch is needed mostly by the following groups of people;

  • Office and company executives who use it for meeting follow ups and scheduling.
  • Participants in deep under water sports for timing during the races.
  • Judges in the Olympic races for determination of winners in swimming and diving races.
  • Politicians who use it as assign of wealth.
  • Businessmen require the watch to cut deals and create confidence in clients.
  • Students and lecturer for lecture monitoring process.
  • Fashion event participants and planners to add more value to their adornments.

Why is the watch important?

The watch may have problem to be important because of some of the following reasons;

  • It makes the process of race determination in Olympics become quite simple.
  • It is an important instrument in the determination of time in cases where it is to be determined.
  • In fashion, the watch is an important men’s accessory, which add value to what one wears.
  • The watch is important in showing ones’ status in the society. In addition; its aesthetics which arise from its design and color is quite visible.


  • It is easy to use with its magnified display features supporting most of its use.
  • It is cost effective with the best support from the manufacturer with discounts and warranties to go with.
  • The watch is durable with its highly polished stainless steel forming the biggest chunk of its durable build.
  • Its use is safe with clasping which ensure it is well held on the wrist.
  • The watch has an aesthetic touch with polishing and black colorations to catch the user’s attention.


Some of the weak messes seen with the watch include the following;

  • It has this thing with fuzzy time stops which may make it quite unreliable.
  • It may not b e easy to read in the dark because of its nature.
  • It may seem too heavy for an average wristed person.

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User verdict/ benefits

The following are some of the benefits realized by the user;

Efficiency- only for the few cases where the watch is accused of stopping on and off, the watch is one efficient accessory worth keeping around you.

Cost effectiveness– the range of discounts you are bound to enjoy the lucrative range of discounts that the manufacture has put on offer for your enjoyment.

Durability- the polished stainless steel build of the watch makes it one durable accessory which will last longer than anticipated. In addition, its water resistant features make it usable in multiple cases both terrestrial and aquatic.

Review and recommendations

This is the ideal watch for the individuals who are in love with a professionally oriented watch. It will serve all your need concerning the timing of your schedules. However, it is not your usual watch given that it works more or less like an automatic watch.

I would advise that you go looking for other watches with some better functional features before buying the watch. You can however go ahead and buy it if you find the features are suitable for your needs.

General assessment

In the overall scale, the users rate this watch as follows;


  • High quality builds with the ability to last longer.
  • Polished stainless steel being its key area of strength.


  • Precise quartz builds up with black colored face and display features for ease of visibility.


While this watch may just be perfect for your use, it does not embody the features seen on most of the Invicta watches. It may be a sign that the manufacturer has not done as much.

However, the space for change and the ever ready customer care have always given people who buy it hope, you are not an exemption. Go ahead; buy yours today it is worth your time.