The Invicta watches – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What sets the Invicta watches apart?

The popularity of Invicta in the market has been attributed to many factors. However, most people have been of the feeling that the use of the Swiss technology to make affordable watches has been the major area for their popularity. Another thing also is that the Invicta has maintained a visibility in the online market, which is healthy for a company that wants to shelve competition.

  1. Can the watches be used by both sexes?

Yes, both men and women have their watch models from, Invicta. The aesthetic touch of the Invicta watches cannot be underrated and so is an appealing area for both sexes, especially in fashion. Though most of the watches are made from the steel which makes them look heavy, females can still have a stint at them, just for the show. You only need to look at the watch which suits your wrist.

  1. What is the average price of the Invicta watches?

There is no price set for Invicta watches though most of them are sold at pocket friendly rates because of the company policy on discounts. Most of the watches will range from as low as the $40 to as high as the $600 depending on the design.

  1. Are the watches the best in the market?

Though this question needs a lot of scrutiny, depending on which watches you make the comparison, the watches are some of the best renowned watches around. Because of their technology, this is mostly the Swiss quartz, though not for parts, it is one watch loved by most.

  1. Can I get the right size for my wrist?

Because of the diversity which the Invicta has always adopted, you cannot miss the watch for your wrist. The fear by most of the users that the watches are usually large band heavy is a fallacy because most people have always managed to get what suits them.

  1. How do I set the Invicta chronograph watch?

Because the quartz which is the main mainstay of the Invicta watches has a clear set of sequence, the Invicta user manual is quite clear in its use.  A chronograph watch works in such a way that the second hand is in most cases expected to return to zero. The second hand can be easily adjusted to zero by just following the user manual.

By pulling down the crown, you will have effectively begun the setting of a three hand chronograph watch. The press in buttons A and B are the most ideal places when you want to have a quick adjustment. Most of the easiest adjustments are done from the push button A1 shortly. Or you can alternatively long press the A1 for a long time top set the watch hands.

  1. Are the watches of good quality?

The level of quality of Invicta watches has always been queried by those who want to poke holes. But in reality, the watches are usually made with good designs and with materials that can last for as long as the user may wish.

  1. Where do I buy Invicta watches?

Depending on where you are in life, Invicta watches can be bought from the online stores as well as your local brick store at the corner. The online stores provide the convenience and the cost effectiveness in terms of discounts which makes them the right place to get your Invicta watch.

  1. What is meant by Invicta warranty?

While the warranty may seem just a one off affair, the Invicta one needs to be registered to be valid. In addition, the warranty on any Invicta watch cannot be transferred from the original buyer to the next, so just buy from trusted dealers.

  1. Who is an authorized Invicta watch dealer?

Most of the trusted dealers can be seen with the levels of certification they have received in the market the usual online retailers whose dealership is not in question may be Amazon and eBay and so it may only be prudent if one bought from there.