The Maintenance of Time

Like a high-performance car, all watches need regular maintenance. While quartz watches need only a battery replacement every two to three years, cars’ the inner movements of mechanical watches must be lightly lubricated – like a car’s lube job or oil change – to ensure accuracy and dependability .

Watches should always be taken to all authorized retailer or watch company service center, or sent back to the manufacturer. Improper maintenance can result in severe damage and more expensive repairs. This is especially true for water-resistant watches, which lose that quality if opened or closed improperly. Never leave dead batteries in watches or attempt to clean, of, or regulate the movement of the watch yourself.

When buying a new watch, make sure it comes in its original box and includes a valid guarantee and a full set of instructions. If the watch is a chronometer, it should be accompanied by an official certificate stating that the watch has undergone rigorous testing. Protect the watch by storing it in the original box, on soft or in fabric or in acid-free tissue paper.