Top 10 Bulova Watches Reviews 2019

Every man needs a watch which highlights his personality to perfection. The watch that a man wears tells a lot about what kind of person the man is. A plainly good looking watch tells that the man has a sense of fashion but is not aware of the quality of different things of life. If a person is wearing a watch simply loaded with exciting features but does not have a similarly exciting exterior, then it can be said that the person only has taste for quality and not for the public eye. A good product fails to impress people if it is not provided in a good looking package. Similarly a watch loaded with good features will not have the desired effect in the eyes of the customers, if it does not have a good appearance. 

bulova watches review

The Bulova watches review that has been provided here, gives the users an accurate description of the top 10 watches in terms of quality, designs, etc. which have been manufactured by the Bulova Company over the years. The reviews provided here are quite accurate and will provide the prospective buyers with all the information required. If the customers do not have a fair amount of knowledge regarding the different types of watches that are manufactured by the company, then they will simply get confused when presented with the wide variety of watches.

Hence, the reviews which have been provided here will help the customers in choosing the watch which will suit both their personality as well as pocket. Each of the top watches which have been reviewed here has unique characteristics inside them. Hence, one is spoilt for choices when presented with so many unique varieties of Bulova watches.

#1. Bulova Men’s 96B175 “Precisionist” Stainless Steel Watch

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This watch from Bulova is being promoted the company to be the most accurate watch in the world. The second hand of this watch ticks continuously and helps to keep time efficiently. Most of the average quartz based watches are accurate to the degree of 15 seconds per month. This precisionist watch is accurate till 10 seconds per year. All this is happening to owe to the rapid advancement in technology. This watch has water resistant till 300 meters. The chronograph which is present in this watch is also extremely advanced and accurate up to 1/1000th second.

  • This watch is enclosed in a case of stainless steel, and the bracelet too is made of the same material. This watch is extremely accurate in terms of keeping the time as well as remaining resistant to water.
  • This strong looking watch is a symbol which men in powerful positions can show off. It’s water resistant feature up to 300 meters allows it to remain submerged in shallow depths of water.
  • This watch has been termed by many users as a beast. It’s simply loaded with features and quality components. The only qualm that some people with weak eyesight have been that with all the criss-cross chronographic details present in the watch, it sometimes becomes difficult to make out the time.

#2. Bulova Men’s 98B172 Precisionist Chronograph Watch

Bulova Men's 98B172 Precisionist Chronograph Watch

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This watch from Bulova is filled with advanced technology based components. The precisionist technology which features in these watches lends an extra degree of accuracy to all the watches from Bulova. The watch is made in stainless steel with curved crystal; carbon fiber based layers are present in the watch and are many in numbers. The dial of the silver has an undertone of silver color. One can easily take note of what the time is with just a glance. The four sub-dials which are provided in the watch make this process extremely easy as well as logical. Dials for showing the hour as well as the minute is also present.

  • The core of the watch runs on the Precisionist-class torsional resonator which lends the watch the accuracy of seconds in a year. This technology has been proven to be thrice as accurate as the quartz-based
  • This is a sporty looking watch and can easily be matched with casuals. One can also wear this watch with jackets and hoodies. This watch is water resistant till an amazing 990 feet, and one can carry it till great depths in water.
  • Everything is luminous about this watch, right from the markers to the minute and second hands.
  • Some users have said that the bezel is stationary in nature, and one cannot pull out the crown easily.

#3. Bulova Men’s 98B104 Marine Star Calendar Dress Watch

Bulova Men's 98B104 Marine Star Calendar Dress Watch

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This Bulova watch is pretty handsome to look at. Looking at the watch from different angles and edges, one will have a feeling that the watch has lots of sharp edges. The sharply angles edges present in the watch further enhances the presence of the black colored rubber band which is resistant to water. The stainless steel case of the watch has tons of the golden color. The black frame of the watch is octagonal in nature. The dial itself is black in color. The minute markers are in Arabic numerals whereas the hour markers are in Roman numerals.

  • The date window of the watch is at the 4 o’ clock position. The skeleton hands of the watch have a luminous glow and increases the appeal of the watch to a greater extent.
  • This watch resists water till 330 feet and hence can easily survive the small bursts of rain. One can wear this watch teaming up with casual everyday clothes.
  • The rubber wristband present in the watch has not found too many takers, most people have termed it as uncomfortable, and one needs to adjust it constantly.

This watch is indeed a good looking watch, with all the contrasting colors and sharp edges.

#4. Bulova Men’s 96B158 Precisionist Leather Strap Watch

Bulova Men's 96B158 Precisionist Leather Strap Watch

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This watch is again a part of the Precisionist based watches from Bulova. It is also quite an accurate timekeeper like its peers. The strap of the watch is leather-based, and the buckle present in the watch is adjustable in nature. The analog display of the watch is three hands based, and there is a window for displaying the date too. The charcoal colored dial has swirled based patterns. The hands of the watch, as well as markers, have undertones of the silver color. The second hand of the watch makes continuous sweeps and helps to keep the time accurately.

  • The watch is enclosed in a case of stainless steel. The hour, as well as minute hands of the watch, exhibits a fair bit of luminosity.
  • This watch can pair with both casual boyish type wears as well as with the formal office wears. This watch is resistant only till 30 meters of water and hence it is advisable not to keep it wet for a prolonged period of time.
  • Many people have said that the leather band that comes with the watch is not as majestic looking as the watch itself and hence lessens the good looking aspect of the watch to a certain extent.

This is a simple yet very good looking watch.

#5. Bulova Men’s 96C105 Black Dial Bracelet Watch

Bulova Men's 96C105 Black Dial Bracelet Watch

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This Bulova watch certainly looks different from all the above-mentioned models. The dial of the watch is exceptionally large and round and jet black in color. The black dial forms a stark contrast with the baton indexes having undertones of silver; the hands of the watch are luminous too. The date is displayed innovatively within the 3 o’ clock and 4 o’ clock positions. Two sub dials have been placed conveniently, and they display the time as well as the 24-hour based clock. The mineral crystal provides a protective coating on the watch. The bezel is black in color and quite white; the rim of the dials is metallic in nature.

  • This is essentially a bracelet watch for men as the name suggests. The sharp contrast that comes with this watch makes it all the more appealing.
  • This watch is water resistant till 30 meters. Hence, one should realize that it can definitely survive the splashes of water but not continuous rainfall.
  • Most customers have like this watch, but the common complaint is that the water resistance ability of the watch could have been better.

This Bulova watch owing to its splendid looks makes itself different from the rest.

#6. Bulova Men’s 98B180 Precisionist Watch

Bulova Men's 98B180 Precisionist Watch

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The Bulova watch is another champion from the world class company of Bulova. It has all the features that one can find in one of the high-end Bulova watches meant for men who are in powerful positions in life. The case enclosing the watch is made up of stainless steel. The bracelet of the watch adorned with black ion-plated accents. The ever sweeping second hand of the watch is red in color. The calendar window of the watch is somewhat curved in nature, giving the watch a different kind of appearance. A fold over clasp with safety lock can be found in this watch.

  • This watch is completely luminous in nature and has a second hand this hand helps to maintain the extreme of accuracy.
  • This watch is water resistant to about 300 meters. This enables the user to expose the watch to continuous bouts of rain and water without worrying. One can pair this watch usually with casuals.
  • The only problem that some people have with this watch is that it seemed a bit heavy for its appearance.

This watch has been praised by all for its features as well as appearance.

#7. Bulova Men’s 98H51 Leather Dress Watch

Bulova Men's 98H51 Leather Dress Watch

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This is a classic watch manufactured by the Bulova Company. It is extremely pleasing to the eye, and the rose-tinted golden color found in its rim is an instant hit among all those people who like to have a classic looking watch in their closet. The finishing touches given to the watch including the polishing is immaculate. The leather strap of the watch has the crocodile design and joins seamlessly with the polished stainless steel based case. The white color of the watch’s dial compliment the rose gold tinted minute and hour hand of the watch beautifully. The date window of the watch is present on the 3’o clock position and blends in perfectly with the rest of the dial.

  • The watch has a protective crystal based dial. The display of the watch is of course analog and lends a more classic appearance to the watch. It is powered by the Japanese quartz technology.
  • This classic looking watch has an amazing ability to resist water till 99 feet and hence can easily survive moderate rain boots. It is a perfect watch to gift to an elderly person and to be worn with formals.
  • People have complained the golden tone of the watch wears off easily.

This watch is a classic to look at. However not all customers have been happy with the fact that the rose gold color lending most of the classiness to the watch wears off after some time.

#8. Bulova Men’s 98D004 Diamond Dial Watch

Bulova Men's 98D004 Diamond Dial Watch

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Contrast is the first word that will come to one’s mind if a person sits down to describe this gorgeous looking watch. The majority of the stainless steel band of the watch is black in color. This unending black is occasionally accentuated by the stripes of golden color. This designing lends a very handsome appearance to the watch. The stainless steel case that comes with this watch is rectangular in shape. The hand of the watch and the band of the watch has golden overtones in them. The 3, 6, 9 and 12-hour markers of the watch have indicators genuinely made of diamond.

  • This watch is simply stunning to look at. It appears to be a very luxurious type of watch but is available quite cheaply.
  • This fantastic looking watch resists water till 30 meters. This is a perfect show off watch and should be worn with dinner jackets and at parties.
  • Since this is a bracelet watch, it is joined by links. People have said that takes quite an effort to remove these links.

This awesome looking bracelet watch is perfect to be gifted to one ‘s loved one.

#9. Bulova Men’s 96A135 BVA-SERIES 120 Automatic strap Watch

Bulova Men's 96A135 BVA-SERIES 120 Automatic strap Watch

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The dial of this watch is enclosed within a case made of stainless steel. The hand of the watch is luminous in nature allowing the user to know the time even in complete darkness when visibility is zero. The sub dial provides with a 24-hour small sweep. Roman numerals are provided in the dial of the watch. The strap of the watch is made of black leather and has a deployment buckle activated by double push. A screw back case is provided with this watch. The jewel bearings present in the watch are quite hardy, and the polish on them prevents excessive wear and tear.

  • The main spring present in the watch provides the watch with the dynamic tension that it requires. The balance wheel present in the watch provides with the trigger mechanism required by the watch.
  • The watch has been designed in such a way so that it can be worn both with casual clothes as well as with clothes for formal occasions.
  • The dial window of the watch is not resistant to scratches is the complaint of most people.

This is decent looking watch with the right degree of casual look as well as formal swag-induced into it.

#10. Bulova Men’s 96B130 Precisionist Longwood Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

Bulova Men's 96B130 Precisionist Longwood Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

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This watch has been termed by the makers to be highly accurate in its functions. It is completely made of stainless steel. It has a dome based metalized crystal based surface. The dial of the watch is gray in color and made of gun metal. The second hand of the watch like all other Bulova watches makes continuous and never ending sweeps.

  • The case, as well as the bracelet of the watch, is made up of stainless steel. The middle of the dial is also quite luminescent in nature, making this watch unique.
  • This watch has a classic look to it, but when one feels it, one understands that it is throbbing with modern day technology. Hence, it is a good combination of the modern and the classical. It is water resistant till 99 feet too.
  • The bracelet of the watch is said to squeak a bit, which is not expected in such a high-end watch.

This watch is really attractive to look at.


After reviewing all these different Bulova watches, it can definitely be said that the manufacturers bring out only quality timepieces. Each of the watch that has been reviewed here has extremely good quality internal components which help the watch to run smooth and uninterrupted for long. The external appearances of most of the watches are stunning too.