What Makes Swiss Watches Great Despite the Cost?

Swiss watches are considered to be superior to any other type of watch. People regard them as a sign of success, wealth and status symbol. But all good things come at a high price, and these cost so much that even rich people can be found to go for slightly economical watches. Swiss watches are found to come with features reflecting the most superior craftsmanship, which makes them very costly. Find out why these are so expensive, and worth buying.

High Quality Metal

Swiss watches are made of a very superior quality metal, as compared to materials that are used in the construction of watches with lower price tag. Firstly, these are frequently constructed of actual 316L surgical steel, which offers various advantages. In case you end up scratching the watch, you can polish it always. Steel can be polished quite well, and made to look brand new for a longer time. Steel is less prone to rust, and does not suffer corrosion. Naturally, the longevity of the watch is one reason for its higher price tag.

No risks of skin issues

Some watches which are constructed with rolling steel can lead to rough spots or itchiness on the skin of your wrist. Inferior metals can also corrode the band of your wrist watch. However, Swiss watches stand out due to their all-steel construction and do not cause these problems. Swiss watches have their cases and links made entirely out of steel, and you can easily understand as they tend to be heavier than other watches.

Use of high quality crystal

Crystal, which refers to the clear face of the watch, is also of superior quality in Swiss watches. In Swiss watches, synthetic sapphire crystal is generally used. This is a scratch resistant and extremely hard material. Just like steel, the use of crystal makes these watches look like new for a longer period.

Sleeve-covered link pins

In Swiss watches, the link pins are found to be covered in sleeves – unlike other watches with a similar feature. This prevents wearing down of the metal components and rubbing of the parts against each other.

Solid band caps

These watches come with solid band caps, which attach the band to the watch case. The band caps tend to be hollow in other watches, and can break easily. Band caps which are hollow frequently need replacing.


Swiss watches come with handcrafted mechanical inner components. All the metal gears, components and bits are crafted out of hand and are checked to ensure that they work in a proper manner. This cannot be expected with any other watch. In non-Swiss watches, the parts are usually constructed out of plastic and there is no multiple checking of watches to ensure adherence to quality. Naturally, they tend to wear down faster than metal components and get locked within the watch. When they break, they need to be replaced completely. On the other hand, you can easily get metal components serviced. This is what makes Swiss watches great, despite the cost.